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SunCha Symbol Explanation


Description: Polymer structure

Rigid molecular structure, high toughness and hardness. it is not easily bent or get mold.


Description: Safe food contact material

Environmental and Safety---it is subject to legally binding rules at EU level


Description: Metallic feel

You will hear the clear voice (metal collision) when chopsticks beat each other. And only alloy chopsticks have the clear voice.


Description: Extra high temperature resistance

Dishwasher Safe. Can withstand 220 degrees of high temperature sterilization. 


Description: Cautions of first use

Use cold water to wash the chopsticks before you use it.


Description: Attention

It's not suitable for the microwave.


Description: Imported precious wood species

The chopsticks are made from imported wood species, such as Iron wood, Phoenix Tail Wood and Nanmu Wood. It is durable, healthy and elegant.


Description: Prohibited to heat

It can be placed in UV sterilization disinfection cabinet but should stay away from electric tube heat. 


Description: Don’t fully submerge the chopsticks in water for long

To avoid mold forming, the wood chopsticks cannot soak in water for long.


Description: Fully automated process

With the advanced technology, these lovely wood chopsticks are designed to catch attention while keeping its function above the rest. The body is evenly polished, making the surface silky smooth.


Description: Comfortable design

The chopsticks are designed to meet the dining habits of Asian people. 


Description: Fridge and freezer safe

Ultimately durable and perfect for everyday use.


Description: Can be washed in a dishwasher

The products are machine washable chopsticks (up to 60-degree)


Description: Resistant to low and high temperatures

Temperature resistance from -24 degree to 100 degree.


Description: Microwave-safe

The product can be used in 1000W Microwave.


Description: DIN-Geprüft Biobased certificate

DIN-Geprüft Biobased has Biobased >85%. which indicates a product’s biobased content is more than 85%. Products made of biodegradable plastics, which can be broken down into compost, meet the demands of closed-loop recycling management, so it is a environmental friendly product.


Description: Biodegradable material

The product is made from biodegradable material, it is environmental friendly.


Description: The product doesn’t contain BPA

The product is made without using the chemical bisphenol A, so is completely safe to your health.


Description: The product is made from SAE 304 stainless steel

Made from high quality stainless steel 304, will never rust or break. It is very strong and sturdy, beautiful and stylish.


Description: Not use them near a flame or in a microwave

The products cannot use in a microwave.


Description: Comfortable design

The spiral near the top and the swirly end are good slide resistant designs which help you use our chopsticks better.

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