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Natural wheat fibre cutting board

Natural wheat fibre cutting board

The choice of green product is inevitable, only green products can achieve the harmony of natural environment, social culture, and economic development, therefore, the development of green product is essential. With increased worldwide environmental awareness, more consumers are willing to purchase eco-friendly products. SunCha is committed to ensuring the consumers health and safe products from using recycled or renewable resources. Such as natural wheat fibre. The advantages are listed as below.

The Advantages of natural wheat fibre

1.Eco- friendly: the utilization of typical agricultural by-products reduces waste problem as well as air pollution.

2.Quality: durable, heat resistant, will not easily crack or deform.

3.Recycle: natural product, do not contain any chemicals. 100% biodegradable 

4.Safe: there is no discharge of the industrial three wastes (waste water, waste gas, and waste residue) in the processing

With the concept of green marketing and green products development, Suncha devoted itself to sustainable development in all sections: Design, Produce, Sales and Recycle, thus to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Suncha have introduced the first natural wheat fibre cutting board in the market in the year 2016.

The features of SunCha natural wheat fibre cutting board

1.Organic natural wheat fibre, unique grainy texture with natural feel.

2. Non-toxic, it has in line with EU biological level standard.

3.100% biodegradable 

4.In the hot-pressing process, it naturally forms a smooth layer of plant fiber wax, so it is heat-resistant, sturdy and durable. 

5.NO SLIP GRIP: The grip strip allows the board to stay in place while cutting and chopping. You won't have to worry about it slipping or sliding on your countertop or table and risk cutting yourself 

6.Built-in drip groove keeps liquids on the board and not all over your counter.

7.Antibacterial- antibacterial cutting boards are those made with silver ion intertwine in the fiber of the board during the manufacture process. Silver ion kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and it does not leach out of the board on your food. (Only certain of Suncha wheat fibre cutting borads are antibacterial)

Let’s introduce the process of how these wonderful cutting boards are be made.

The Procedure of SunCha wheat fibre cutting borad


  • Organic Farming and Harvesting
  • Carefully selected the raw material of wheat fibre
  • Crushed the wheat fibre
  • Molding, disinfection, hot-pressing
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Quality control


SunCha wheat fibre cutting boards certificate

SunCha wheat fibre cutting boards are tested in accordance with the LFGB standard!

How to maintain SunCha wheat fibre cutting boards

clean with hot water but not boiled with hot water, available UV or ozone disinfection, but don’t put into high-temperature sterilization disinfection cabinet.

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