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LFGB Certification

What is LFGB certification

LFGB (LMBG) certification in September 2005, the German new food and dietary law LFGB replaced the food and daily necessities law LMBG. 

It is also known as "food, tobacco products cosmetics and other daily necessities management law" is the most important basic legal documents for the management of food hygiene in Germany. 

The regulations make general and basic provisions for all aspects of German food. All foods on the German market and all food related commodities must conform to the basic provisions above.

The daily necessities that are found to be in contact with food, conform to the thirtieth and thirty-one articles of the German food and daily products act, can be authorized by the LFGB inspection report issued by the authorized body, which is proved to be "products without chemical toxic substances" and can be sold in the German market.

The significance of LFGB certification 

Once the products obtain the LFGB certification, it means the product has passed with many German and European standards, to meet the requirements of the German LFGB regulations, that does not contain toxic substances harmful to human body and can be sold in Germany and other European and American markets. 

In the European market, products that certified by LFGB can enhance customer's confidence and desire to buy, which is a powerful market tool and greatly increases the competitiveness of products in the market.

The reason why would SunCha apply for the LFGB certification

Eating and drinking are vital parts of our daily life. Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of products that come into contact with the food they eat, the so-called food-grade products or food contact material. 

Regulatory requirements for materials coming into contact with food are constantly updated and demand the highest levels of food safety and inspection services. Both authorities and consumers are paying more attention to the testing of these products.

With the sustainable growth of SunCha, globalization has become a process that cannot be reversed. In order to timely and effectively comply with the precepts and principles of the market and globalization, SunCha contact SGS Testing immediately to make sure that all the products are highly qualitied and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets. SunCha is committed to providing customers with quality products which meet the highest safety and legal requirements.

Category of SunCha Products which passed the LFGB certification

  • Bamboo chopsticks series
  • Bamboo Rolling Pin Series
  • Bamboo steamer series
  • Bamboo Utensil series
  • Bamboo cutting board series
  • Wood cutting board series
  • Wood chopsticks series


Where can I obtain the LFGB certification?

You can get access to the detailed information of LFBG and FSC in related product pages.

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