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biodegradable Rice Husk Products

biodegradable Rice Husk Products

Nowadays, more people will begin using eco-friendly products in their everyday lives. This way, we can contribute to saving our environment and work towards sustainability. The word eco-friendly means products that do not harm the earth or environment. These products, also called sustainable products, provide benefits for the people economically, socially, environmentally, while preserving the public health. These products are environmentally safe from its extraction of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal. 

Rice husk products are biodegradable. Instead of disposing rice husks as agricultural waste, husks are revived into an entirely new product, thus giving it new lease of life on this planet as natural-material dining ware.  As the material contains husks, it is easily biodegraded when it ends up in landfills after completing its lifecycle. Rice husk products have more benefits as below: 

Advantages of Rice Husk products

 Reduce pollution: natural, do not contain any chemicals 

 Durable: can be used for years. 

 Practical: withstand temperatures between -30 to 120°C, can be used in microwave.

SunCha offers a combination of creative and practical design solutions for our customers. We provide series of rice husk products, such as Rice Husk Chopsticks, Cutting Boards, Rice Paddles and Thermal lunch boxes.

Key Specifications of SunCha Rice Husk products

1.With direct hot-pressing technology, Suncha Rice Husk Products are highly densified

2.Water-resistant, which means fewer bacteria can seep through

3.No chemicals, no lacquer and wax

4.Less prone to cracking and warping

5.Easy to maintain

6.Fresh fragrance


SunCha Rice Husk products Procedure


  • Organic farming and harvesting
  • Carefully selecting the raw material of rice husk
  • Crushing the rice husk
  • Molding, disinfect, hot-pressing
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Quality control


SunCha Rice Husk products Certificate

  • Passed the CTI Test
  • LFGB


SunCha Rice Husk products maintenance

  • Withstand temperature between -30 to 120°C
  • Don’t sterilize the product in hot water
  • Don’t fully submerge the product in water for long
  • Prohibited to heat
  • A natural rice husk aroma will be identified under hot temperature conditions.





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